Exceptional Needs Program

About the Program

The Braintree Police Department seeks to provide all members of the Braintree community with the outmost respect and dignity.  The Exceptional Needs Program was developed as an initiative of the BPD to allow first responders to have critical information regarding an individual with unique circumstances such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer's, Dementia, PTSD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, hearing/sight impairments and Mental Health Disorders.

How It Works

The voluntary registration can be completed by following the steps below, which includes filling out a form and including a current photograph of the person and submitting the requested documents.

Once received, a member of Braintree Police will contact the first Emergency Contact to verify receipt of the registration. If we are unable to confirm with the first emergency contact the information will not be entered. Upon verification the information will be kept on file with Braintree Police. The information will then be provided to police personnel as needed in the performance of their duties. We encourage those registered to update us periodically as important information changes such as an address change, or a change in emergency contact information. We also ask if you can submit a new photo as the person registered ages.

How to Register

Fill out the form below.  Note that there are certain mandatory fields that must be completed for all involved to successfully benefit from this program. Please confirm that the information is accurate before submitting. * You MUST remember to include a current photograph of the person when submitting the requested documents. 

Braintree Police Exceptional Needs Registration Form

  1. Individual's Information
  2. Physical Description
  3. Medical Information
  4. Diagnosis and Medical Conditions
  5. Will Emergency Lights Trigger Behavior?
  6. Will Siren Trigger Behavior?
  7. Emergency Contacts
  8. Behavior Traits
  9. Responds to Verbal Commands
  10. Eye Contact
  11. Responds to Name
  12. Verbal
  13. On Police Arrival Will There Be Fight Or Flight?
  14. Delayed Speech
  15. Repetitive Behavior
  16. Leave This Blank:

  17. This field is not part of the form submission.