Phase 1

Phase 1

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 requires the cooperation of all of us.  The plan to re-open the economy safely requires that everyone do their part, and we expect most people will be diligent about keeping themselves and their neighbors safe and healthy. 

What Can Individuals Do?

  • A new “stay safer at home” advisory requests that individuals stay at home when they can.   However, all individuals are required to wear a face covering in most places when outside of the home.  The requirement to wear a face covering is enforceable by the Braintree Health Department.
  • All individuals remain subject to the existing order limiting gatherings to no more than 10 persons, except in unconfined outdoor spaces.  The restriction on gathering size is enforceable by the Braintree Health Department.  This limitation does not apply to workplaces authorized to operate, but more specific capacity and meeting rules will apply.
  • Compliance with the mandatory rules outlined above is enforceable by the Braintree Health Department up to and including the issuance of civil fines of up to $300 per violation.

What Can Businesses Do?

  • Essential services have been allowed to operate prior to first phase or reopening.  Currently operating businesses MUST come into compliance with new workplace safety standards by May 25.
  • In addition, the businesses listed in the table below will be permitted to resume operations on May 18 or May 25.  All other businesses and workplaces remain closed through Phase 1.  No business is required to re-open and may not reopen until it is ready.

May 18

May 25

  • Essential businesses already operating must self-certify and comply with applicable standards by May 25 or July 1.
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Retail curbside pickup only
  • Places of worship (40% occupancy limit)
  • Firearms retailers and shooting ranges
  • Laboratories and life sciences facilities
  • Offices limited to < 25% maximum occupancy; work from home strongly encouraged.  (Boston office opening delayed to June 1.)
  • Car Washes exterior and self-service only
  • Hair salons/barber shops by appointment only
  • Pet grooming by appointment (curbside drop-off and pick-up)
  • Certain outdoor recreational facilities and activities
  • All operating businesses must comply with general mandatory workplace safety standards**, as well as sector-specific workplace standards and protocols ** where applicable.  Note that some specific sector and workplace standards and protocols are mandatory (actions that “must” be taken), while others are best practice guidance (actions that “should” be taken).

Phase 1 COVID-19 Reopening Requirements